Owen Hopkins "Lost Futures:The Disappearing Architecture of Post-War Britain"

          "Lost futures: The Disappearing Architecture of Post-War Britain"
           Owen Hopkins 

"Rebuilding the Britain after World War II and though the post-austerity decades of the 1960s and 1970s enabled architecture to embody a vision of a better future-both social and technological"
"This book documents thirty-five buildings dating from 1945 to 1979, all of them significant both architecturally and though the ideas they represented. Most have been either demolished or fundamentally altered; the rest face imminent demolition or alternation." (From the book description)

This book relates to my research because it examines architecture which have been built in Britain after WWII. The war by itself was some sort of apocalypse for many countries and decay caused by this event was some sort of post-apocalyptic scenes. For this project the starting point was post-apocalyptic concept. 
Also, because I am more interested not in the decay but in how environments changes during it this book shows life example of this. 
brrn1FTaGcE.jpg  J87XijbkxB8 2.jpg
(Photographs from the book) 
These buildings appear to be abandoned and foreign. 

Ron Herron "Walking City"

Image source:http://www.archigram.net/projects_pics/walkingcity/walking_city_1.jpg

Walking City is a project which has been proposed by architect Ron Herron. His proposal was published in Archigram in 1964. 
 His idea was about building robotic constructions with AI which could travel according to their needs. 
This proposal makes me think about another possible environments where people can live. There would be no need for people to travel to extract fuel because this would be entirely done with the machines. This makes me to ask question How the economics would change? A lot of people work now in mining industry, so what they will do instead? How society would change? 
In my project I will consider there questions for post-apocalyptic and possibly other environments.



I have found tumours inspirational because they relate to my theme because apocalypse can be caused by nuclear attack and it causes radiation and this then can cause tumours 

"The Sick Rose: Disease and the Art of Medical Illustration"


?????? ?????? 2017-09-04 ? 8.44.16.png
It is a book which shows medical illustrations. I have researched this book because it is relevant to the tumour idea 

Death Stranding

                        ?????? ?????? 2017-09-04 ? 1.49.18.png 
Death Stranding 
It is an upcoming game developed by Kojima Productions. There is only teaser trailer released at the moment. However, some imagery shown there appeared interesting to me. The screenshot on the top shown man holding container with embryo developing there. This made me think about preservation and artificial perspective of things which are done naturally now. 
                            ?????? ?????? 2017-09-04 ? 1.48.46.png

Another part which I have found inspirational was the bit where the commander gave his subbordinates to move further the wires attached to their backs contracted and returned to him. This made me think about experiment with combining structures/shapes made out of wires with LED lights.
                                  ?????? ?????? 2017-09-04 ? 1.50.50.png

Death Stranding trailer

Stanislaw Lem "Solaris"

                                         Solaris 1a edicio? Stanislaw Lem Fanta?stik.jpg

"Solaris" Stanislaw Lem

 It is a science fiction book which tells a story about events happening on a planet called Solaris. This book is written in dense language with lots of metaphors. When I was reading it I felt like watching a film. I had imagery appearing in my head. A lot of it was in monochrome. I liked how it looked and now I consider about experimenting with monochrome sculpture. 
 This book talks about alive conscious ocean which communicates in the way of building up structures on his surface. This made me terrified because I have never considered that ocean can be alive. This made me consider making something which people consider to be used for other purposes. For example, make chair into the crown. Rethink the object.


"The Only Human; Believing the Strangest things, Loving the Alien"



"The Only Human; Believing the Strangest things, Loving the Alien"

I have found video art shown there inspirational as well as ceramic pieces.
I think that I can use digitally made art in my work and also I these ceramic pieces remind me of tumours 

Visitor to a Museum

Image source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Visitor_to_a_Museum
Screenshots source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2o5XdbCNIk

This film was directed by Konstantin Lopushansky. It tells about world after environmental disaster which leaded to the division of human population into 2 groups. The ones who maintained the human features and others whose body was mutated and they become intellectually disabled. This film is political. It responds on problems of nowadays human society and religion.  

                ?????? ?????? 2017-08-14 ? 16.54.29.png.2

There were a few shots showing the environment which I found inspirational. 

In this set up I like how pollution has been expressed. Because film is quite old the quality of video is not good, so rubbish in this image mixes up with human bodies. Also, I like the texture which rubbish has. It look like alive sleeping homogeneous mass which invaded the Earth and slowly decaying environments and human minds.
                   ?????? ?????? 2017-08-14 ? 16.28.57.png.1

I like the colour pallet of this film. Most of the dialogue scenes have been shot to have yellow-greenish or reddish tone. It makes me to think like the action is not happening in our modern world. 
                        ?????? ?????? 2017-08-14 ? 16.36.37.png

The Ugly Swans



It is a film directed by Konstantin Lopushansky in 2006 based on the book "Ugly Swans" by brothers Strugatsky.
It tells story about our world in which also live people with genetic mutations who are being considered dangerous by humans.
                      ?????? ?????? 2017-08-14 ? 18.36.36.png
It is philosophical film which asks questions about what humaneness means. These questions are not relevant for my project. However, in this film there are frames which made me think that it is not the earth environment. I like the vibrant colours in these shots because they make me feel calm. This calmness conflicts with the overall sad atmosphere of the film and this I consider as an interesting aspect of the film. Also, this film is relevant to my project because it shows children who have been raised in boarding school for genius and due to the amount of knowledge  they have lost the humaneness. It responds to the question about how society will change in different environment.                    
                    ?????? ?????? 2017-08-14 ? 18.35.14.png

   v                    ?????? ?????? 2017-08-14 ? 18.26.24.png

Metro 2033


Image source: https://nvworld.ru/files/news/metro-2033-details/metro2033.jpg

It is survival horror game developed by 4A games. The story is based on the book written by Dmitry Glukhovsky called with the same name. It tells about the post-apocalyptic world after a nuclear attack. People have been forced to live in the Moscow underground where each underground station became like a small city. People are isolated because they cannot contact anyone from other cities of countries. Because of the nuclear attack mutation of living organisms occurred and they started to kill people.
I've decided to research this game because people there create tools and weapons from found objects.                    ?????? ?????? 2017-08-14 ? 17.34.18.png

Image source:https://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/m__/images/6/67/1-weapon_tihar.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20120826131212&path-prefix=metro%2Fru

On the top is an example of a hand made weapon used in this game. 
For my project I wanted to rethink found object and make sculpture. Before I was only considering something abstract but now I think that I could possibly create moving sculpture.

The Last of Us


Image source:http://media.aintitcool.com/media/uploads/2013/nordling/thelastofus.jpg

The Last of Us is a game developed by a studio Naughty Dog which has been released in 2013. 
It tells a story about post-apocalyptic world where apocalypse been caused by fungus called Cordyceps. This fungus takes control over a human body and makes him into a zombie. 
I have researched this game because of the design of the infected people. They have tumours caused by fungus.
I was inspired by this research to make interpretation of tumour not to grow into the object but on top of it. 
Developers of this game have been inspired by fungus called cordyceps. However, it real life it affects  only insects.


Text box


Image source: https://d7hftxdivxxvm.cloudfront.net/?resize_to=width&src=https%3A%2F%2Fartsy-media-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com%2Fe8XKEPlq3tSMkZtM4H3x3A%252Fd7hftxdivxxvm.cloudfront-59.jpg&width=1100&quality=95
Anicka YI
Lifestyle Wars(2017)
ants, mirrored Perspex, Perspex, two-way mirrored glass, LED lights, epoxy resin, glitter, aluminium racks with rackmount server cases and ethernet cables, metal wire, foam,acrylic, aquarium gravel and imitation pearls.

"Anicka Yi's work fuses biology with technology, finding new ways to talk about gender, race and economics" (From Frieze Magazine) 

 This installation presented at "Hugo Boss Prize" 2016 is an installation  which employs living element such as ants. Artist says that she is fascinated about working with ants because their social structure is very similar to humans. So I guess that this work is talking about the human society.
 In my opinion this work is innovative artwork because I have never seen artwork which will employ living organism which has society.
I have researched this artwork because it has intriguing art piece which has elements which I have researched before and used in my work. This research suggest other way of using mortherboard imagery. 
Image source: https://news.artnet.com/app/news-upload/2017/04/anicka-yi-lifestyle-wars-1.jpg


Anicka Yi 
Life is cheap 

This is another work of this artist which I have researched. 
This is an installation which uses bacteria growth as a painting material. In the interview artist says that she has done this installation to talk about humans anxiety about germs. 
Another aspect which I find interesting is that she can not fully control the bacteria growth. So it is some sort of collaboration between artist and living creatures.
I have researched this artwork because another aspect which I am looking at in my project are tumours and these bacteria growth reminds me of the tumour which have grown over the room polluting and demolishing the monochrome harmony of it. 
Article from a magazine Frieze 

Anicka Yi Interview

"Summer Exhibition Illustrated" (book)

Image source: https://shop.royalacademy.org.uk/summer-exhibition-2017-poster.html
During independent visit day I went to Summer exhibition at Royal Academy. I found it useful for my project because there was a collection of works of different artists. Each of them used slightly different technique for his work and this gave me inspiration for my work from technical point of view. I have highlighted a few artists whose work I found most inspirational and made in depth research on them.

Nam June Paik "The King Rameses"

                         Nam+June+Paik+–+1991+–+King+Rameses 2.jpg
Image source(http://slideplayer.com.br/slide/352036/2/images/78/Nam+June+Paik+%E2%80%93+1991+%E2%80%93+King+Rameses.jpg)

Nam June Paik 
"The King Rameses" 1991 
This is an artwork which combines sculpture and moving imagery. I have researched this artwork because the metal part of it is made using elements from technical equipment. Also I have found interesting that artist has build in TV screens into it giving still object sense of movement. 
This artwork appears to me like it has been taken out from different age. Also, it looks to me like it can be an important piece of operational system in theoretical environment. This made me think about taking mortherboard from electronic device such as phone, change the way it will operate the device and output the image on the screen in a weird way. However, it is too complicated to do and requires a lot of in depth research. So I may take calculator and try to change settings of it.

Naomi Wanjiku Gakunga

Image source: own photograph

Naomi Wanjiku Gakunga
Mugogo- The Crossing 
Mixed Media 
178 x 127 cm

 In this work artist has used old cans which are covered in rust and created some sort of 3D painting without frame. It reminds me of fishing net because of the metal wire which has been used to tie the cans together. I like that these cans are covered in rust because it makes the whole work to look old and unusual. 
 After observing this work I thought about also using cans but I thought that I can cut them and arrange them in sculpture made out from mixed media. However, I do not have access to metal workshop, so I would be limited in what I can do out of them.

Image source: http://africanah.org/naomi-wanjiku-gakunga-kenya/

The Girls Dance, 2015

"Her works are predominantly wall-hanging sculptures ingeniously created from tin cans, steel wire and oxidised sheet metal. Galvanised sheet metal, known in Swahili as mabati, is used mainly for roofing materials and walls. The material is particularly associated with the Mabati Womens Group and their empowering community housing projects of the ‘60s.Gakunga observed the success of their efforts, the harvesting of water from the new roofs and the consequent ageing of the material itself. Mirroring these weathering effects in her own artistic process, she deliberately saturates rolls of sheet metal in water, a process that oxidises the submerged surfaces, occasionally adding dyes to create different colours and other more complex effects. The delicate transformations etched in metal by the corrosive effects of water, chance and time, emphasise an ethereal, transient beauty. Another significant material found in these works is fibre or string.Gakunga continues to use string and ribbons as primary materials within her work, acknowledging the contemporary in her usage of fine grade metal wires." (Courtesy October Gallery London). (http://africanah.org/naomi-wanjiku-gakunga-kenya/)

Eva Rothschild "What We Know"

Eva Rothschild 
What we know 
Jesmonite, reinforced steel bar, resin and paint 
H 188 cm

This is another work which I have seen during my visit to RA. I liked the geometrical and minimalistic side of it because this adds aesthetic feeling to this work. Normally I see these sort of compostions in paintings. However, artists managed to take it out into 3D. This artwork reminds me plan of sci-fi cosmic city. 

Hughie O'Donoghue "Departure"

Image source: own photograph 

Hughie O'Donoghue 
Mixed media 
246 x 300 cm

This is another work which I have seen on Summer Exhibition 2017 at RA. It attracted my attention because of the material which have been used as canvas. I did not understand what is this material but my assumption is that it is the paper which is used for small parcels packaging. Because of this choice of materials the surface of the painting became curved and it makes artwork to look like it has been done not nowadays. For my project I also might explore the different materials which I will put paint on.

Mick Moon "Pause"

Image source: own photograph 

Mick Moon 
Mixed Media 
122 x 140 cm 

This is another work which I have seen during my visit to Summer Exhibition 2017 at RA. This painting is similar to the top one in terms of the use of unusual background and sea theme of the content. I admire how artist used the properties of raw wood and pattern of curves contributed to artwork creating the imitation of waves. 
 This artwork made to think about creating work which will respond to the properties of material which I will use. 

Tony Bevan "House of Wood"

Image source: own photograph 

Tony Bevan 
House of Wood 
110 x 146 cm 

This is another inspirational artwork which I have seen during my visit to RA. 
There is not any unexpected use of materials which I have seen in pervious researched artworks. However, the overall feeling given me by it attracted my attention. I liked how simplicity created such dark and powerful atmosphere. I think that the success of this work has been achieved by minimalism and strong geometry.  Also, I like the charcoal ash which goes next to the beams. This makes image not to look too simple.

Terry Setch "Beached Car Pile Up"

Image source: https://d1znzipem1ntmo.cloudfront.net/raimages/2017/artwork_50087_1_full.jpg

Terry Setch 
Beached Car Pile Up 
Encaustic wax and oil on polypropylene
247 x 171 cm 

Seen at Summer Exhibition at RA. 
Personally, I don't like this artwork because objects have been appear too sketchy like they have been painted without care. However, the material combination create unusual texture. 
I have not considered the use of wax before but now I think that I might use it in my work because in my opinion this object is relevant to my theme.

Anish Kapoor

GRVGLe5EClU.jpg 65gpVOQYo6c.jpg

Image source: own photograph 

Anish Kapoor 
Silicone and fiberglass 
270 x 170 x 100 cm 

Seen at Summer Exhibition at RA. This artwork reminds me of tumour because of its shape and colour.
Also, when I am looking at it, it appears repelling for me. After I have researched what fiberglass is I thought that it might be because of the material choice. When I was looking at it I felt itchy and this is what happens when body contacts with fiberglass. This made me think about how the feeling which artwork passes depends on the material choice.
Also, I think that I might explore neoplasms in my project. Because I am looking at post-apocalyptic environment where mutation can occur it is relevant to my project. 

Goncalo Mabunda "Untitled Throne "

Image source: own photograph 

Goncalo Mabunda 
Untitled Throne 
Decomissioned Arms 
H 118 cm 

Seen at Summer Exhibition at RA. 
This throne made me think about person who likes luxury items but can't afford to buy them from the shop so he made himself own one using found objects. This relates to my theme because of reuse of materials. I like that metal is rusty because this feature adds to the work apocalyptic feeling. 

Natural Dyes


"Natural Dyes" is book written by Linda Rudkin. It is some sort of instruction of how to dye fabric using natural colourants some of which easily accessible. Like carrot tops and blackberries. I have researched this book because I might use this idea in my work because this relates to the isea about the survival and alternative use of materials. But because I am not planning to use textiles I might experiment with drawing with natural dyes. 

William Latham "The evolution of Form"

    bild.jpgWilliam+Latham+The+evolution+of+form+(1990) 2.jpg
William Latham "The evolution of Form" 

It is a digital artwork done by this artist which shows forms which change over the time. This artwork made me feel uncomfortable because the shapes which were appearing looked to me as something foreign. 
This artwork relates to my project because I am planning to make sculpture which will change over the time(decay) and film this process. 

(From the book "Art of the Electronic Age")

"The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness" Erich Fromm


"The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness" Erich Fromm 
It is a phycological book which talks about why people are being aggressive.
"Hailed as an ""original and far-reaching contribution"" to psychoanalytic theory and social thought, this is Fromm's ambitious and rather complicated rebuttal of Lorenz' innate aggressive instinct, built upon an amended version of the Freudian dichotomy between Eros and Thanatos." (https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/erich-fromm-6/the-anatomy-of-human-destructiveness/)
It is valuable for my research and project because it gave me an understanding that part of peoples' nature is aggression. This thought became part of my concept contributing to the direction of my experimentation. I started to destroy things rather than assemble.
?????? ?????? 2017-09-03 ? 22.49.28.png.2
This paragraph talks about aggression towards defence as well as it talks about the lust of cruelty. And this is what attracted my attention. I thought that all pollution that people cause and possible apocalypse caused by that can not be stopped due to the human nature. So, I thought that if I will get satisfaction from creating destruction in my own work may cause apocalyptic outcome. 

Text box


These objects are used in electronic devices. I decided to research them because they remind me of a city from a top point of view. This association made me think about ecosystem which we often do not see. In operating motherboards there are always hundreds of operation carried out every second. This made me to ask myself question what if it has creatures living inside and people just can not see them.


Primary research. Found mortherboards. 
I have found the second(uncoloured) one more interesting. It appears to be old as details of this object appear larger and the amount of elements is dramatically less than in the usual ones which I see. I even assume that it has been done manually because compounds are not neat.

"After Human: The Zoology of the Future"




"After Human: The Zoology of the Future" Dougal Dixon
This book predicts what will happen to the animals when people will die

"Video Art" Sylvia Martin




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