My three possible themes for a project are obsession, sci-fi and cheap. I don't see a lot of potential development for "obsession" because I feel that I will be tired from this theme quickly. That is because now I have only one idea about possible work which I can produce for the project. It would be finding person who I know with some sort obsessions and make spying series of photographs. However, I feel that for this project I want to experiment with materials a lot to find new ways of working.  I will not give up this theme yet because I might get new ideas about what I can make to respond on this theme. 
 "Cheap" is based on using found materials and objects. For now this theme is too practical and I need to develop narrative which it will tell.
 "Sci-fi" idea is based on exploring other possible environments. For now, it is the broadest theme and I need to narrow it down.


 Today I understood that for this project I want to explore theme of another possible environments and also different use of materials. However, I don't know how I can link these two themes together. I think that writing a proposal will help me to solve this problem.


During weekend and today I was writing the first draft of a proposal. This activity helped me to shape my ideas and put them from abstract possibilities into the real ideas. I understood how I can connect the "sci-fi" and "cheap" idea together. I will change word "cheap" to "alternative use of materials". This will link my intention to the idea of thinking about other environments because there people will have to use materials differently.


 Today I have finished cutting out lino showing motherboards and made few prints on normal paper to see how they came up. Prints came up sucessfully because they show the geometry which I wanted them to have as well as shapes came up bold. I wanted outcomes to have this boldness to achieve high contrast between the negative and positive space to highlight the geometrical side of them. I made one print full of fine details and other two are more abstract showing only essential shapes. Firstly, I wanted to make them all detailed. However, after I made the first one I realised that it will take me too long. So, I decided to rather make more of them than carry too much about the quality because it is not a final outcome. 
 Tomorrow I'm intending to experiment with printing on different surfaces like found pieces of fabric, cardboard and plastic. 


   Today we had contextual practice during teaching time where we have been doing workshop about understanding the material. I have understood that if I would be able to understand the material then I would more easily manipulate its properties. It is crucial for my project to extract unusual methods of using materials. So, rather than exploring properties of materials practically and spending a lot of time on that I can do planning before experimentation. For example, I can think about my associations and then think about how I can achieve the feeling that this experience brought me.
  After class I went home and sewed together the found rubbish. I have classified it according to the thickness of the materials.(fabric is thicker than paper so if I would print on the combination of these materials, print will come up uneven). I have done 5 pieces of "paper". They made of candy packaging(3), one has been done out of small pieces of fabric and other has been done with crosswords which have been cut out from the newspaper. I think that most successful ones are made from the fabric and crosswords. I like the fabric one because the background is colourful and this feature makes print to stand out. I decided to left the crossword piece how it is because of the pervious unsuccessful experiment where print and background were conflicting. Prints done on sewed candy packaging look good but I don't see nothing special and innovative about them. 
 I think I have spend too much time on printing. So, tomorrow I will start to develop another idea which I have. It is about about tumours. I thought about them when I went to summer exhibition and saw work of Anish Kapoor. Tumours are relevant to the context of post apocalyptic world because often apocalypse is caused because of the nuclear attack which causes radiation which then causes different mutations. So I will start to explore mutations by looking and tumours. Tomorrow I will try out sewing organic abstract shapes using colours associated with neoplasms and putrefaction such as yellow, orange, red and green. This techniques is relevant to my project because it is drawing without drawing materials. This responds about other ways of using materials.


Today during teaching time we had workshop called "make it in a day". We had to produce outcome in one day. Firstly, I was thinking about taking plastic rubbish which I have collected and then making sculpture out of it and also possibly then melt it. However, then I thought that today we have access to workshop and it is a good opportunity to try out new techniques.
 I decided to experiment with vacuum forming. I took as an inspiration sewed together crosswords which I have done before and then made form out of mdf with a similar shapes. I have not done a lot of planning because it was an experiment. Then I have made a piece out of clear plastic. Firstly, I was planning to create independent work with this technique. However, then I realised that it was too weak to stand alone. That is because plastic was transparent and form was quite flat. So, it was not visible. 
 After I thought about how I can develop it and make more relevant to my project. I was inspired with an idea of preservation. Like traces of petrified ancient animals on rocks. It is relevant to my project because apocalypse for them occurred and if I would consider the traces of animals from the point of view of these animals it would be post apocalyptic situation. So I have cut up collected perviously candy wraps and preserved them in wax from candle. The material choice is also relevant to idea of my project because candle was not designed for making molds and candy wraps is found rubbish.ShuotDU2F7w.jpgfumuDTlgzho.jpg
I think that experiment came up successfully because there is interesting pattern created by layers of wrap. It gives depth to an outcome. However, it needs development because it don't have composition. I would make simple high shape to develop it. I think that this form will not distract the eye from observing what has been preserved there. 
Next thing which I am planning to do is to make similar experiment but use bottle as a mold and then simplify the shape of outcome to a cylinder. 


 Today I have started producing a final outcome. Firstly, I was thinking to use 2L plastic bolltes as a mould for wax. However, then I understood that this will result me shape will come out with unwanted pattern and also this plastic is too thin and likely to melt down. So, I went to plumbers shop to see what pipes are available there. I bought a few pipes for a toilet. They appear to be tough enough to resist high temperature and they are wide enough for the size of the sculpture which I want to make. Also, I bought plastic sheets for vacuum form to make the mold for a rectangular shape and 10 packs of stearin candles. After this I have started to prepare molds. However I have not realised that toilet pipes have holes from both sides. I have solved this problem by sticking piece of plastic on the bottom of each pipe. 
 Also I have made the first shape today. Unfortunately, I have not let the wax to cool down and because of that the form has melted. Also, I have found out that stearin shape easily crumbles. So, tomorrow I will also buy paraffin for moulding and I will make a mixture out of stearin and paraffin. I think this will solve this problem because I have perviously while experimenting done a from out of paraffin and it appeared to be tougher.


Today I was finishing off the last shapes needed for the sculpture and preparing the base for it. 
For the base I decided to use MDF board 100x100 cm. I deliberately took bigger size of the board because I want to allow the space for the wax which will drip while I will melt the sculpture to flow in the way it wants and then I will cut off the needed size. I decided to paint this board black because the sculpture will be mainly white or slightly yellow and I want the base to exaggerate the shapes and colours. 


 Today I was editing short film showing the melting process of the sculpture. I have found it difficult to decide which frames I should include and which are needed to be left out. I overcame this problem by uploading all frames done and then working out how the align best and which ones look out of place. This took me too much time. Next time if I wold do a short film I will try to make a detailed storyboard. 
The successful part of this process was that I have done a lot of frames so I had a wide choice  and could experiment with the way story would be told. I decided the film be logical- showing the story from normal sculpture to decayed one. 
  Firstly I wanted to include the sound of heat-gun when there would be frames showing the melting of the wax and also the sound of stretching tape when the sellotape was melting. However, then I decided to keep only the sound of heat-gun to create monotonous feeling. 
 I am satisfied with the outcome because it came up how I wanted it to be. It is 4 minutes long(my aim was 3 min) and eyes are not getting tired from it because frames are not too long. 


Today I had photoshoot of my final outcome. I am satisfied with how it came up because it looks destroyed. Also, photographs have strong yellowish colour. I like this feature of photographs a lot because it also makes outcome to appear old. 


 I have started working on my publication. So far, I am finding this task hard to complete because I need to understand and build the narrative of my project. To do that I will look through the process of my project again. I will examine reflection, proposal, research and sketchbook. Also, I made today a first draft of collection of photographs which I want to include in my publication. 


  I have looked over my project and builded a visual narrative of development of my project. Also, I decided on my publication cover. I want to make it without a title showing only the texture of melted tape. That is because I want the viewer to concentrate on the imagery, not the words. 


Today was independent visit day. I went to three exhibitions. The first one was called "Only human: Believing the strangest things, Loving the Alien". It was a collection of work of different artists who explored theme of another living creatures. I was inspired by ceramic sculptures of Ernst Miesgang. Because they are done with high quality but still remain abstract. This exhibition related to "sci-fi" idea
 Another one which I have visited was called "The Noise". There was a series of works where artist have rethought material. And the Last one was "Summer Exhibition 2017" at RA. It is an enormous collection of different artists work. I went there to observe how other artists employ various techniques. 
 After today I decided to give up on idea about obsession because I am now much more inspired by exploring in my work another environments. However, I want also to employ idea about cheap materials in my work.


 Today I understood that my project is not as much about sci-fi. It is more based on post-apocalyptic idea. That is because my idea is about how materials are being used in different environments and how people alter the use of materials adapting them to a particular situation. 


 Today we had print workshop during teaching time. Firstly I did not know what I can do because print required creation of an image and I did not know what I can portray. However, then I remembered "on the Stade" by  Gus Cummins and metal objects which have been painted in this work. So, I decided to use the idea which I have obtained when I have researched this painting. So, I decided to portray motherboard because it reminds me of another environment. Also, people have to use materials for them in an innovative way to reduce the size of it. So, I made the sketch and then decided to make lino print. However, tutor suggested to cut out foam to make large pieces, stick it down, make a print and then draw small details on top. I have tried out this method and it is quicker than cutting out lino, but I could only make print with one colour and then wait until paint will dry. I liked the outcome because I could not had such fine details with lino print. Also, I think that portraying motherboard was good idea because outcome is looking minimalistic. 
 However, I feel that I need to make this idea more relevant to my project. So, next thing which I will do is I will cut out a few(possibly 3) lino prints showing motherboards and then print on different recycled materials such as cardboard and plastic.


 Today I have done an experiment using different found materials. I have been printing using the lino which I have done a few days ago. As a printing surface I've used found materials like plastic and cardboard from packaging, fabric which I have recently found in the bin and newspaper which I have collected . In my opinion prints done on the cardboard and fabric came up successful because prints maintain high contrast and appear clear. The ones done on newspaper are being distracted by writing, so to develop them I might draw over them. Possibly, I choose wrong colour. I have done them in white. I could reprint them in black, however I will not spend more time on simply printing because I feel that I need to move on.
  I think that I have linked the image of the motherboard with my project by materials on which it is printed. However, I want to make it more relevant to my project, so tomorrow I will sew small pieces of found rubbish together to create a surface for printing. This relates to questions about adaptation and survival in context of post apocalyptic world which my project because there would not be very little paper available so people would have to rethink available materials to create a substitution for it. 


 Today I have done an experiment using sewing on fabric. I have depicted random organic shapes using range of colours of threads to respond onto the theme of tumours. I think that they came up successful because they remind me of neoplasms and mutations because of the colours I have used there. However, I am not satisfied with outcome because it appears too simple for me to produce. I might develop this idea by collecting found materials and making abstract 3d interpretation of a tumour. 
 Also I decided to try out illustrating motherboard using this technique. I have used silver threads. I think that it was a successful decision because the outcome appears to me metallic. I might consider using more silver colour in my work because it reminds me of another environment because this colour normally does not exist in nature.


Today I have deconstructed the calculator to see what is inside and how I can modify and rethink this object. The parts which I have found attractive were mother board, the back of it and rubber strip. However, I did not know what I can do with it. So, I looked back into my research file and my attention was attracted by Anish Kapoor sculpture which looked to me like a tumour. I thought that this idea was not explored enough in my project and decided that it is the time to look at another aspect of my theme. So, I made a digital drawing which showed tumour growing into the mortherboard. However, I want to make something 3D so I need to research tumours more.


 Today I was sketching tumours and textures inspired by them. However, then I got an idea about making tumour to grow on top of an object. This idea came from researching game "The Last of Us" 
I thought how I can make it and I saw a wax candle which has melted on the sun on my window. The surface of it looked as an old skin and insides were coming out from it. I thought that it reminds me of a disease and neoplasm. So I decided to make my own shape out of wax. But I also wanted to put something inside of the candle. I thought about that some preservatives can cause cancer in people and decided to put food into it to represent the idea of preservation. Because the wax which I had was white it reminded me of milk and I thought about coffee. So I have putted coffee and sugar inside. I used empty can as a mold. I hae placed the cylinder on top of the part of the calculator and melted it. This came up successfully in my opinion. However, I thought that there is not enough in the experiment so I have added another part of the calculator and because another shape did not fit in the composition I have poured wax from the burning candle over the structure. 
 I liked to work with the wax because this material can be easily manipulated. But I want to experiment with what else I can melt to make it look like a tumour. So, tomorrow I am planning to try to burn and melt other plastics. 


 Today I was experimenting with different plastics which I can melt. I have tried to melt styrofoam. This experiment was unsuccessful because it lost its shape and contracted and I understood that this material is not suitable to use for my idea. 
 After this I cut plastic bottle and arranged it is some sort of futuristic composition. After this I have used a heat-gun to melt it. Because it was transparent it was barely visible. I decided to drip black wax over it to highlight some parts of it. 
 Also, I tried out burning tape. This materials was even harder to manipulate that styrofoam because when it was burned it lost the shape which I gave to it before burning. I understood that it would take a lot of time for me to make it appear as I want.
 Afther these experiments I came to a conclusion that I want to carry on with developing yesterday idea with wax shapes. I liked the texture and appearance of burned tape because it looked to me as a burned/diseased skin. So I decided to try to put it inside the wax cylinder while making a mould.


 Today I started to produce a model of an outcome. I decided to make a sculpture which will represent the idea of post-apocalyptic city. I want it to remind the model of a city. However I want to make it decayed. So I will build a few cylinders and rectangular shape and combine it with burned cellotape.


I have made a model of a sculpture which represents a post apocalyptic city. It came up nicely because I like to colour pallet. So I am planning to make a large scale sculpture for my outcome.



    Today I had a tutorial. Tutor has raised the question of relevance of the outcome to the theme of my project and how the sculpture will be introduced to the public. The question of how relevant my idea is relevant to the project is I already asked myself. I understood that I need to adjust the idea for an outcome to make it more relevant. 
 I started to think how I could present my outcome. I got an idea that I can leave the destruction to the public. I was planning to melt the sculpture. However, I will not be able to give people heat-gun and candle due to health and safety regulations. So, I came up with the conclusion to make a short fim about how I will melt it and it would be as important as the sculpture by itself. I think that this decision ties together the outcome and project. Because the concept of the sculpture is an interpretation of post-apocalyptic city. I would document the sculpture before the catastrophe, during and after. This will make my outcome to spread over the time. 


Today except from the contextual practice workshop contributed to the moulding. Adjustments which I have worked out yesterday worked out well and I had not any problems with this process. I like how cylinders are coming up because the texture of tape is visible.


 Today I have finished assembling the sculpture and filmed the process of melting it.   


I think that the structure of a sculpture came up successfully because it does not have too much details which will allow wax to flow and create texture on the base. Also I like the colour pallet of it because it is neural and when I will pour dirty wax on top of it the base colour will not distract the viewer from observing the details. I think that it can be improved by adding wires inside the wax shapes so when the wax will be melted it would have wires sticking out of it.

 Filming the process of melting was not simple because of the speed with which heat-gun was destroying the shapes. I decided not to do it by myself after a few unsuccessful attempts and asked friend to help me with the filming process. This decision solved the problem. 

 I think that editing process will be quite simple and quick because I feel that I have shot enough frames.   

I like the final look of the sculpture because I have created the decayed effect which I wanted my sculpture to have. 


 Today my aim was to print out the publication. I roughly finished it and then I asked my peers and tutors for feedback and was making adjustments to develop it. 
 I think that my publication can be improved by developing the sketches which I have put into it.


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